Quick update to that last post in February that started out “2020 feels good so far.”: I was wrong; 2020 is fucked.

Things of importance right now: Being informed about both local + national politics. Voting. Being informed about racism. Donating/signing petitions/protesting/etc. Being informed about sexism. Being informed about oppression. All of the things that help us move towards real equality. Being a kind-hearted, good-natured human who gives a damn about people other than yourself, including but not limited to those you do not know + those who are different than you + those who believe things that you do not understand or believe yourself.

Reminder: It’s okay to change. That means you’re growing. It’s okay to realize something you believed prior to now was wrong or misguided. That’s progression. It’s okay to be wrong, realize that and come out with a different viewpoint. That’s not phony or fickle: That’s development.

In conclusion, 2020 is fucked and every time I read the news my heart hurts and I get intense anxiety– BUT I believe we can come out clean if we all work together & we all individually do our part and work on ourselves.

This is the shit that is important right now.

Something not as important: Our new EP, “This House Will Be Filled With _____” is coming out 7/17. We hope it brings you a modicum of joy during this truly scary time.

Listen to the EP, make sure you’re registered to vote & we hope to see you again in 2021. Until then, stay safe,

Welcome Center This House Will be Filled With _____