I’m currently in Atlanta, GA and Aaron and is in Houston, TX. We’re almost always 1,000+ miles away from each other and yet making music together, despite the distance, feels like a breeze. I suppose when you mix obsessiveness with diligence, that’s the outcome.

Towards the end of the year, people always say ‘[Current Year] was one of hell of a year.’ But, honest to whatever-God-you-believe-in, I think it was an eventful year for us– both personally and professionally, in good and bad ways. More on the personal shit when we’re doing the Rolling Stone cover– for now, let’s stick with the music.

In 2018, we toured 40+ dates– from Dallas to Philly, all over Texas, Arkansas, & Oklahoma, and all over the Northeast too. We played some of the craziest shoes we’ve ever played (both inside and outside of WC). Full-on-dance-parties with 150 people going wild; I’m still floored thinking about it. Needless to say, we are both missing being on the road quite a bit lately. So much so that we’ve been talking about our first couple of tours in 2019. As soon as we have more updates, we’ll be sure to write about them + add them to our Tour Dates section.

Being a touring musician is a weird life to lead– when you’re on the road, sometimes you’d do anything to be back at home doing nothing and when you finally make it back home and you’re doing nothing, you’d do anything to be back on the road. There’s something strange and wonderful about staring at America through the window of an old automobile. I feel like a character out of a Murakami novel when we tour.

Three weeks ago, Aaron and I met up at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA with Kyle Pulley (Hop Along, Dr. Dog, Kississippi) to mix two singles we’ll be releasing in 2019, ‘Decay’ & Is This All There Is?’. We are beyond excited to release these songs– two tracks that showcase the direction we’ve been heading since we started to explore what Welcome Center could be.

Which brings me to the part in this post when I say another generic-blogger-bullshity-thing: ‘Expect big things in [next year].’ But truth be told, I don’t have a clue what that even means. What I can tell you is that in 2019, you can expect more shows, our first (and hopefully second) music video, new merch to rep your favorite existential-dance-duo, and, most importantly, more music to ponder the meaning of existence while you take your DOC at Fabric during your study-abroad semester in London with your over-priced liberal arts college. Don’t fret, friends. We’re in this one together.


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